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The Premier QR Code Solution for American Exports of Wine to the EU

Every bottle of American wine produced after December 8 must have a QR code linking to detailed information about ingredients and nutrition when exported to Europe.


Winefo is the simplest, most cost effective way to comply with the new labeling requirements. Create unlimited personalized QR code labels for your wines effortlessly.


Some of Our Partners


In their own words: Wineries we're helping

Bodegas Castaño:

The platform is incredibly easy to use. I'm delighted I switched to Winefo.


Vinísimo Proud Winemakers:

We love how intuitive the platform is. They even assisted us in generating our first QR.


​La Bodega de Las Estrellas:

Winefo is user-friendly with a clean interface. We love the flexibility to update QR details anytime.


One platform for all your labels

European labeling regulation compliance

We investigated and created a trustful and user-friendly way to you so your products could conform with EU labeling requirements.

Available in all 24 languages of the European Union

By unlimited licenses, you can manage all your labels in all 24 EU languages, in a low-cost and transparent way, forever.

Label creation takes approx. 30 seconds

Winefo allows you to create labels in a blink of an eye, update the information anytime you need, so you can print your labels today and fill content in later.

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 16.26.09.png

Fully compliant with the EU's newest regulations

About Regulation (EU) 2021/2117

Under this regulation, wineries outside of Europe are required to implement a QR code labeling solution on their products. These QR codes will provide key information such as origin, grape variety, vintage, and other essential data about each specific bottle of wine. This applies to every American bottle of wine sold in the countries of the European Union.

Nutrition declaration & Ingredients list are a piece of cake

We investigated and created a trustful and user-friendly way to make you able to conform with EU labeling requirements.

Local requirements? No problem!

Winefo ensures that your wine labels comply with both upcoming EU regulations and local country standards effortlessly.

Unique and clever ideas to fasten work

We know that it's exhausting to handle so much data, so we've strived to incorporate time-efficient automated solutions. When designing, we put you first.

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About Us

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Winefo is a solution developed by Mixie, a company specializing in the development of software solutions in regulated environments.
Mixie operates on a global scale, with four offices located around the world.


More than 10,000 companies globally leverage our solutions to do everything from streamlining their operations and ensure regulatory compliance, improving their sales pipelines.
As a company, we are committed to delivering efficient, innovative solutions that make navigating complex environments simple.

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