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How to Create Your First Labels with Winefo

Today, we aim to guide you step-by-step on creating your first wine label using Winefo, ensuring it's ready for production and compliant with the latest regulations.

Let’s dive in!

Upon logging into your account, here's what you'll be greeted with:

create new wine labels with winefo

For mobile users, the interface appears as:

mobile view of wine label creation

To kickstart the label creation process, simply click or tap the “Create Label” button.

The following window will emerge on both platforms:

adding more info for wine labels

Within the provided boxes, input the label's name and the wine's harvest year. You have two options at this juncture:

  1. Press the “Create Label” button to finalize the label. Don't worry; you can always edit details later.

  2. Opt to furnish comprehensive information immediately by selecting the “Add More Info” button.

adding details for wine labels on winefo

Navigating between categories is a breeze, thanks to the small arrows—similar to the registration page. Here's a glimpse of the details you can incorporate into your label.

Initially, input general details pertaining to your company.

general information about the wine company

Following the company details, the next step is to delve into the specifics of your wine. Here's a snapshot illustrating where you can input essential bottle details such as product name, harvest year, colour, grape variety, sweetness level, production method, alcoholic volume, and quantity.

specific wine details

Moreover, you can add pictograms for clarity. These icons not only highlight wine features but also convey crucial messages, such as 'don't drink when pregnant or driving', sustainability practices, and the importance of moderation.

pictograms about responsible consumption and sustainability

The section for 'Ingredients and Nutrition Declaration' allows you to provide detailed information about the wine's composition and nutritional content.

list of ingredients

wine nutrition declaration

Once you've input all the necessary details, hit the “Done” button. Voilà! You've crafted your first label.

To preview or modify your label, simply click on the “Eye” icon (for preview) or the “Pencil” icon (for editing):

previewing and editing wine labels on winefo

To obtain the QR code for your label, simply tick the box adjacent to your label's name and then select the “Export QR Codes” button to download it directly to your computer.

how to export qr codes for wines

Mobile users, take note: you might need to swipe left gently to access the preview and edit options. Rest assured, the overall functionality remains consistent across devices.

We trust this concise tutorial has shed light on the workings of our platform. Should you encounter any challenges, please don't hesitate to contact us! Feeling ready to simplify your wine labeling process? Register with Winefo today and ensure your labels are always up-to-date with the latest regulations.


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